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At Grossack Law Group, P.C. in Newton, I assist clients throughout the Greater Boston area with real estate matters, including residential transactions and landlord-tenant disputes. With my extensive knowledge of real estate law and how it influences industry practices, I can accurately assess the key issues and provide nuanced and reliable legal advice. Whether you have questions about the legal requirements to sell a home, need assistance negotiating a purchase agreement or want to file an eviction action, I will develop a thorough strategy to protect your interests.

What are the steps in a residential home sales transaction?

The following are the main steps involved in a home sales transaction:

  • Offer to Purchase — Buyer’s written offer, including price and conditions, to purchase property from the seller
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement — Formal and binding agreement that documents all the terms agreed to by both the buyer and seller
  • Pre-Closing schedule and activities — Deadlines and requirements that must be met before closing
  • Closing — Meeting with the buyer, seller, lender and brokers to convey the property and finalizing the loan transaction

Working with an experienced attorney can help to avert any pitfalls or unnecessary complications, and I know how to address potential concerns before they become bigger issues.

What are the benefits of having an attorney review your real estate contract and negotiate agreements?

You might not be sure why hiring an attorney for a seemingly straightforward real estate transaction is necessary, but the negative consequences of not doing so can be significant. Terms may appear standard and honest, but poorly drafted and/or unfair clauses can result in the loss of escrow deposits, improper cost splitting or restrictions on property use, among other repercussions. An attorney can ensure your interests are properly protected and identify issues before litigation becomes necessary. I strongly advocate for my clients and will give your matter the time and attention it deserves.

What happens at closing?

Closing is the culmination of a real estate deal, and the point at which ownership is legally transferred to the buyer. Some of the key aspects include:

  • Transfer and payment of escrow fees and closing costs
  • Signing of loan documents
  • Signing the ownership documents over to the buyer
  • Signing of the title papers

The volume and complexity of documents you see at closing can be overwhelming, and I will thoroughly review each one to verify accuracy and confirm all legal requirements have been met.

When can you seek an eviction?

An eviction is the legal process to remove a tenant and may be filed for the nonpayment of rent or another lease violation. Prior to filing an eviction action, the landlord must first end the tenancy by delivering a written Notice to Quit. If the notice period passes and the tenant is still in violation, an eviction action may then be filed requesting the tenant’s removal. If the landlord is successful, any removal must be executed by a constable or sheriff. Both sides have rights in these situations, and I will determine your best legal options.

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