Protecting The Rights Of Landlords In Disputes

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a contractual business relationship. And like any contractual relationship, the landlord-tenant relationship can be tenuous and challenging at times. The meaning of the contractual terms can be misunderstood, late payments or increases in rent costs can cause tension, and landlords can be bothered by damage to the property, illicit pets on the premises or other contractual breaches. As a landlord facing a possible dispute with a tenant, you need to make sure you work with an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights and avoid legal sanctions or lawsuits in the process of handling the dispute.

In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, attorney Sam Grossack represents landlords in all types of disputes with tenants. As an experienced lawyer and operator of his own real estate company (617 Real Estate Groupp), attorney Grossack has a thorough understanding of all aspects of real estate in this area. He knows how to protect your rights as a landlord while staying in compliance with the complex array of regulations dictating these disputes and avoiding other legal problems. Landlord-tenant disputes involve a complex legal landscape, making it easy to make simple errors or oversights that could be disastrous for you as a landlord. Trust your legal matters to experienced real estate lawyer Sam Grossack.

Handling A Range Of Landlord-Tenant Dispute Matters

Attorney Sam Grossack handles dispute matters involving:

  • Property damage: When utilities and appliances break down in the normal course of time, it is generally the landowner’s responsibility to update or replace them. However, when windows, doors, drywall, toilets and other aspects of a property are damaged as a direct result of the tenants, they are the ones who should shoulder the burden of updating and replacing the damages, especially when the damage is a direct result of negligent or careless actions of the tenant.
  • Breach of contract: The agreement between a landlord and a tenant is fundamentally a contract. When the tenant does not follow the agreement in the contract, you could bring a claim for breach. Breach of contract can include having pets in the dwelling, failure to pay rent on time, noise violations and making alterations to the dwelling without permission.
  • Arrearages: One of the most important aspect of the contractual agreement is payment. Tenants are required to pay rent on time every pay period. Whether it is monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or some other increment, tenants are required to pay.
  • Evictions: When the relationship between a landlord and a tenant gets really bad, landlords can proceed with eviction proceedings.

All of these procedures involve legal complications and potential for legal sanctions. There are strict regulations on what you can do as a landlord to protect your contract rights.

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