An Advocate On Your Side

When dealing with real estate law matters, it is critical to have the help of an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, and regardless of which side of a real estate dispute you find yourself, real estate represents significant financial investment and risk, which makes the help of a trusted lawyer invaluable for protecting your rights and your financial future.

Attorney Sam Grossack represents is a trusted advocate. He is the founding attorney of the law firm, Grossack Law Group, which handles a range of real estate law matters, including issues between landlords and tenants, as well as complex collections matters. Licensed to practice law in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, attorney Grossack brings uniquely diverse practice experience to his clients. He regularly works as both an attorney and a broker, representing buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders.

A Diverse Range Of Knowledge

He has represented lenders in transactions where they are helping a buyer secure a loan on a home and also when a borrower has defaulted on a loan. Attorney Grossack is seasoned in finding creative solutions as no two transactions are the same. Additionally, he has represented landlords and tenants in leasing and dispute resolution, reviewing and solving title matters, representing landlords and REO owners at evictions, e-discovery and several other areas of the law.

In addition to Grossack Law Group, Sam Grossack also founded his own real estate group, 617 Real Estate Group in Massachusetts.

Creativity, Innovation And Tenacity

Attorney Sam Grossack uses his broad base of knowledge and experience to protect his clients and interests and get the results they need. He is innovative in finding creative ways to get results for clients, and he is tenacious in protecting his clients’ rights and interests.

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